Travel Journal 01: New Orleans

From Duck a la Saulnier with Ramen Noodles to a house built for Napoleon, come join us at these food-world favorite restaurants based in the historic French Quarters of New Orleans.

Cafe Du MondeOur 1st stop is a world famous cafe known for its cafe’ au lait & beignets. “Au lait” means it’s mixed half and half with hot milk. Beignets are square French-style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar. Since 1862, Cafe Du Monde is committed to a relatively unchanged recipe, and for them, it works.

Cafe_Du_Monde2 Cafe Du Monde Picture in New Orleans Louisiana dsc_3500


King FishKingfish, an upscale casual restaurant with a very robust cooking style, is found in a gorgeous space filled with tin, industrial style lighting, dark paneled wood, and a full-sized grand piano. Kingfish features a Louisiana-centric menu, from chargrilled rabbit to rotisserie chicken injected with Cajun marinade and dusted with herbs de Provence.

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Napoleon House Our next stop is a 200-year landmark located in the French Quarter: Napoleon House. The name derives from the popular local story that its building was intended to be a residence for Napoleon Bonaparte after his exile; a local plot to bring Napoleon to Louisiana was halted with news of Napoleon’s death.


Napoleon House is known for muffuletta sandwiches, a popular sandwich originating among Italian immigrants. Another favorite is the signature drink, Pimms Cup (Pimm’s, lemonade, 7up, garnished with a cucumber). Our favorite part was the courtyard, an amazing oasis of history that feels very much like Havana.

bk2-table IMG_1699 Jacques_Louis_David_-_Bonaparte_franchissant_le_Grand_Saint-Bernard,_20_mai_1800_-_Google_Art_Project


Doris MetropolitanDoris is a modern steakhouse in a renovated space with a glass-enclosed temperature-controlled dry-aging room. From porterhouse to Japanese wagyu, all meats are displayed by age on silver baroque pedestals.


One way Doris Metropolitan distinguishes itself from other steakhouses is the Mediterranean flavors infused throughout the menu. The sweet bread and presentation is nicely composed, with demi-glace, roasted poblano yogurt sphere, pearl onion, and truffle oil. The restaurant’s atmosphere feels European, with nicely curated music you could probably find playing somewhere in Paris.

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